Wednesday, October 9, 2013

#235 Jon Acuff

Jon Acuff pioneered the Stuff Christian Types Like genre of blogs with his blog Stuff Christians Like before I came along with this ripoff. A couple years ago he began working for Christian culture overlord Dave Ramsey but has recently resigned and his blog has disappeared.

Resigning suddenly under nebulous circumstances from a Christian organization with copious "We are definitely, definitely on good terms and the Lord is leading us in different directions" missives are yet another thing that Christian culture likes, and they make you wonder if everything is really okay. Could thou protest too much?


Danica Newton said...

"Christian Culture Overload Dave Ramsey" hee hee. I will forever be referring to him by this title from now on.

Pam Manners said...

Overlord Dave THAT'S funny. And not surprising.

I follow Jon Acuff's Instagram page, and since this whole separation thing, mostly all of Jon's photo posts center on normal, everyday activities, stuff he does with his family, etc. And not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that.

But his biting, sarcastic humor, which I adored,seems to have disappeared, in my opinion anyway.
As if he was suddenly beaten down.

And again, in my opinion, this whole thing just seems so underhanded to me.

J.Mill said...

"This takes us as much by surprise as much as it does you".... that certainly is a red flag. Or a red herring. "Quick, look over here at us not doing anything wrong so you don't see us doing anything wrong."

I don't even read The Overlord's site, so my opinion on their disclaimer is somewhat unbiased.

Joe said...

The difference between you and Jon is that 1) Jon can be actually funny and 2) Jon wasn't bitter and angry in his satire. He doesn't use words like "overlord" for people he disagrees with. Someone should make a blog that satires the whole Christian satire thing. You guys have become as cliched and predictable as the things you mock.

Anonymous said...

Having listened to the Dave Ramsey show for years, I have a good idea how Dave "ticks." He's never one to mince words or beat around the bush. He's also a person, it seems, that will take your head off and hand it to you if you cross him. Considering the cryptic explanation as to why Jon Acuff resigned and the fact Dave Ramsey used to talk about Acuff like they were in love or something, I can only think that Acuff pissed Dave off and was given his pink slip. There must be some sort of legal agreement that keeps Dave from totally bashing Acuff or Dave's trying to let it quietly go away after he's been so vocal in his praise for Acuff in the past and would now have to explain the reversal.

Tony D said...

OK, now THIS is real Inside Baseball for evangelicals. I only know about Dave Ramsey from this blog, and I've never heard of the other guy.

This makes me wonder if there's ever been a "acting like American Evangelical Protestantism is all of Christianity" post here.

Mollie said...

"Overlord Dave Ramsey"...hilarious but so true. He could probably be a patron saint if he wanted.;)

Anonymous said...

I think the graphic is extremely telling...if you are trying to play it cool and smooth over controversy, making a big "earthquake shock crack" is doing it wrong

Anonymous said...

Do you actually think the Ramsey people created that graphic? The actual page was just the message. She obviously photoshopped all that in. Very poor taste, but not surprising.

Dan said...

Yeah, "Christian Culture Overlord" is a good name for him, but I think Danica's typo, "Overload" is much more appropriate. Or was it a typo….?

Anonymous said...

Coming from outside the land of the free?!, I've wondered if this arbitrary way of letting people go was an American thing or WAASP thing. Just got fired from a 'Christian' place just last month without rhyme or reason other than the fact that the dear wife of the VP wanted my job. I've wondered what are the reasons that christian organization have high attrition rates and people in leadership operate with such impunity.

Anonymous said...

Having come from a ministry situation, where I and others were told to leave and then slandered, I have made it a point not to assume the God Almighty big ministry is the innocent party. When they throw out things like "we're shocked this person left..." it's usually a tactic to shine negative light on the other party... in other words, they're trying to save face and Jon is being made the scapegoat. Why is that sort of statement necessary? Why bring any attention to it at all? The very action comes across as a thinly veiled attempt to cast suspicion on another party. Why not just leave it at "Jon is moving in a new direction. While sad to see him move on, we wish him nothing but the best." I could very easily be wrong, and I sincerely hope I am. However, given my experience with ministries and "big ministers," I very much look at the big ministry with a wary eye.

Anonymous said...

After that horrible article about 20 Things Rich People Do that Dave Ramsey posted on his blog, and Ramsey's self-pitying and in-all-other-ways incredibly bad public relations thereafter, I'm glad for Jonathan Acuff's sake, he's outta there.

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