Wednesday, November 19, 2008

#54 Not Hillary Clinton


Christian culture just can't stand Hillary Clinton. She makes 'em all madder than a wet hen.


Chris said...

Hang on, I can't stand the woman, but because I'm from Upstate NY and not necessarily as a Christian. What sort of person aside from a devious, scheming politician, legally changes their residence from a southern state to a northern state simply because they KNOW that there is no chance in hell they'll be elected to the senate from their home state? And at the time, she said that it wasn't for the presidency, and guess what, she ran this past year!

And we in upstate couldn't do a damn thing about it because the Big Freakin' Apple controls our state's politics.

stephy said...

I myself think she's a bitch on wheels, yet a lot of people like her, but you just won't find anyone in Christian culture who likes her. It's a law of the universe.

ROBERTA said...

i love hilary....and i love christ....

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. Madder than a wet hen.

Made me laugh.

I like Hil. Maligned for a lot of the wrong reasons. If she were a man, no-one would have squat to say about all the crap they crap on about...about her.

Bruno said...

Right on.
If Hilary were a man, there is nothing she has done that would have gotten the hate she gets now, except for staying with her cheating husband, that would have been intolerable for the christianists if the genders were reversed.

Mike Edwards said...'s the voice. Someone just needs to tell her that she already has a microphone--please stop yelling at me.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kate. I like Hillary & think that she gets way too much crap thrown on her & spoken about her.

stephy said...

I like her politics but I don't like her demeanor.

juls said...

this is interesting. a lot of my hate of the woman i admit comes from upbringing but i still don't like her ways. i agree about the yelling.

Nat said...

Better her than John Kerry for Secretary of State

Caveat B said...

Not true. Lots of Jimmy Carter loving Christians like Hillary, much more than Obama and McCain.

Geoff said...

I used to decry the irrational Hillary-Hate among conservative Christians.

Then, I listened to some of her speeches this campaign.

Indeed, it's the voice. She sounds like an angry, bitter old woman. It's too bad, too. I rather like her politics. Although not the carpetbagging.

Ben Crawford said...

i liked her for the first 20 minutes of michael moore's "documentary" sicko.

Anonymous said...

We're not big on Bill either, but you're right. Just that picture of Hil makes me taste bile.
But I've known her my whole life here in Arkansas and I've never liked her one bit.

Mark (under construction) said...

I voted for Hillary but because I'm a New Zealander living in Australia my vote didn't count - and I got confused I thought it was Hillary Swank who is married to Bill Jefferson SWank an ex President - isn't this right? I may be a little confused.

Anonymous said...

So, this is hard for me (as an ex-catholic, which is different from your core readership).

I think that, as a woman, if she been all Tammy "Stand By Your Man". without having Rodham (as her name) in the begining, she would have had a lot less guff from the xtians.

But then, she would have gone done talked about Health Care or summit and pissed someone off, by being THE WIFE and having "an opinion" or "ambition" or some such.

And then, that BITCH, she went and done ran fur office all by her own self without no man to back her or nothin'. 'cept that no good son of a gun that she dun stood by all that there time.

which is not to say that either she, or everyone who hates her, is a hill billy (or whatever), but only to point out that she is held to RIDUCULOUS standards by every faction.

so, in the end, i say, GO FOR IT HIL.

Be brash.
Be shrill
Be annoying as all hell.




Man, I am such a throwback

stanford said...

I'm from upstate NY like Chris. My distaste come more from being a used NYer than a Christian. My dad, a non-Christian 60's NY Democrat who never voted republican refused to vote for her for senate.

With that said, when the primaries came to CA I had to ask a serious question about if I was dismissing her for being a women. I don't think I was. I just really liked Obama. But I think dudes need to pause and introspect before we cavalierly vote against women. You know, our edenic nature and all.

Anonymous said...

Christian culture is part of the vast right-wing conspiracy.

David said...

Stephy said, "I like her politics but I don't like her demeanor."

Yeah, that pretty much covers it. If she had won the Democratic nomination, I'd have held my nose & voted for her - but I'm glad it was Obama ;)

On the positive side, she's tough, smart, takes no guff from anyone, and has an incredible work ethic. I think she has a chance to make a decent Sec. of State :)

Anonymous said...

It is amusing to see how Christians act around her. Just show her face and everyone goes wild.

Anonymous said...

I'm still pretty convinced that she's the only thing that could've rallied the base of the Right to vote for McCain this last election. It would've brought conservatives out in DROVES.

vanessa jean said...

i happen to have hens, and they sometimes get wet in the rain (like today) and yet they never seem mad about it. so your analogy (although it made me grin) is not entirey accurate. just my two cents.

i love your blog. thank you for being able to see something from so many vantage points and express it with an eloquent and level headed demeanor.

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