Tuesday, June 30, 2009

#87 Getting rid of their secular music

There comes a time in every young evangelical’s life when he must roll up his sleeves, raise the black flag, and commence destroying his secular music.

As a young evangelical you arrive at the decision to get rid of your secular music because you feel “convicted.” You have read many articles about whether or not Christians can listen to secular music and the overwhelming consensus is that non-Christian music is not inherently bad, but that even good things like music can be used for bad purposes. This rings true within you somewhere. The secular music you like doesn’t talk just about happy things like Christian music does. Secular music speaks to your pain and longings. Because there is comfort and camaraderie in it you conclude that this music made by people who don’t claim to be Christians is causing you to sin.

Once the conviction about your music is in place the next order of business is deciding how to dispose of it. After deleting your unclean iTunes you have to deal with your CDs and vinyl. Burning them is the classic dramatic method, but Mike Warnke said the fire will turn blue and scream if devil music is being burned and the idea of that is too creepy to risk it actually happening. You could smash it or just throw it away, but if there is a place that will buy back CDs and you are a poor college student then you will skulk to the CD store to sell them while telling yourself that you’re not enabling anyone, if someone wants to get that devil music they will find a way so you might as well get some money for it. The guy in the CD store will say "Wow, how come you’re selling all this back? This is some good stuff." You blink back tears and once you’re in the parking lot you break down. You refrain from talking about this with anyone so that the ritual will remain sacred and not a means to impress people with your sacrifice, but you are heartbroken. Certain secular lyrics could describe it so well, but you fight to keep them out of your mind. Thinking about them would defeat the purpose of selling your music in the first place.

In 83% of cases, the secular music parted with will be bought back by the evangelical. The risk of repurchasing their secular music is highest among evangelicals who do not like country music or easy-listening, because these genres are mostly considered by Christian culture to be acceptable. An evangelical can listen to these types of music with minimal wounding to her conscience. The highest rates of repurchasing occur within the first six years after purging, with a majority of them identified in the first two years. Treating a secular music penchant with Hillsong United and Carman is associated with the highest rates of secular music repurchasing.


RodeoClown said...

I haven't fallen for this one yet - but I did delete all the illegal music off my PC. Does that count?

(Thanks for making the feed full-text!)

Seth said...

I learned about the evils of secular music early on, and didn't really listen to much recorded music for awhile. In my teens, I started listening to CCM, a lot. Listened to the local Christian radio station, went to concerts, all that.

Went to a Christian liberal arts college, still listening to CCM. After 4 years, I could no longer justify, as a Christian, listening to only music promoted by the Christian music industry based on content (the only music not categorized by style). It no longer made sense. What exactly makes a song Christian? The musician? The songwriter? A certain among of theology? If a non-Christian writes an honest song about Jesus, is that a Christian song? Is a Christian band writes a song about skateboards, is that a Christian song?

At one point I would have supported getting rid of secular music. Now, I've just gotten rid of the false dichotomy of sacred/secular.

Ehud said...

The CCM scene is, and has been, spiraling down a slippery slope. So much of what is sung about today has absolutely nothing to do with God's glory, but instead suggests that the chief end of God is to satisfy man--a dangerous heresy that permeates much of Christian culture today. It becomes immediately apparent in sayings like "Jesus is my homeboy." We pretend that God is like a boyfriend, that we can just push a button here and there, that He is at our beck and call and will bless us simply because we ask Him to. We debase His glory and treat Him like a proverbial rabbit's foot, pulling Him out when we feel like we could use some encouragement or we want His blessing. The truth is that He will hold us accountable on judgment day, and we will be required to account for our sins, for our passivity and negligence of the responsibility God has given us. And the blood will be on our hands.

Some of CCM doesn't even hint at these lies; it shouts them blatantly and we who have forgotten the meaning of discernment listen to the music and sing right along. In many ways, secular music is better than CCM. At least we don't listen to secular music and buy into the lies it presents. With CCM, we think that the label "Christian" absolves us of any duty to discern truth. In a very real way, much of CCM has become the wolf in sheep's skin, tearing congregations apart from the inside.

Give me the old hymns any day; the ones that spoke of God's Glory, proclaimed us as sinners and did not shy away from proclaiming God's judgment and wrath. Those songs were honest, they dealt with the depths of our depravity and yet left us with the hope of our salvation and a warning of the impending judgment.

And yet, even the melodies of many old hymns do not do justice to the lyrics they contain. I would love to see a movement towards amplified music that is lyrically solid and doesn't sound like a ballad when it proclaims God's wrath.

Still Breathing said...

Back in the early 1970's a Christian friend of mine got rid of all his secular albums - Black Sabbath, Hendrix etc. I remember thinking at the time the least he could do was to give them to me!! Oddly we are both still at the same church and both still playing guitar but at least we have moved from playing for the youth meeting to playing in church

Jimi Hendrix comes in for a lot of stick from Christians and only recently I was told that he was demon possessed as no-one has been able to play his music - odd because there are Hendrix tribute bands out there. Still they said the same thing about Paganini when they couldn't play his music.

Rye said...

Hells Bells: The Dangers of Rock N'Roll

Anonymous said...

My husband threw out all his CDs once, a long time ago. (Before we were married, I think.) I was pretty mad that he tossed out my "Nightmare Before Christmas" soundtrack because I'd left it in his car.

After a couple years he'd re-bought most of it.

Gus said...

I dumped my secular music, too, because I was told Jesus was sad that I'd listen to something that didn't glorify Him, and that it would do evil things to my spirit, or some such crap. I've since bought it all back, too. What nonsense. And I agree with Ehud's comments about discernment. This was never even hinted at in the "Christian" gang I ran with for a while.

Anonymous said...

I'm really trying to understand you people. Really, I am. But throwing away good rock and roll in the name of religion?!?! Life without the B52s, Dave Mathews Band, English Beat, No Doubt, U2, 10,000 Maniacs, Culture Club, Springsteen, John Melencamp (sp?), Social Distortion, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Dropkick Murphys?!?! Can't you even listen to The Church? I'm not talking about kehrap like AC/DC or Black Sabbath. I'm talking good stuff. That's life without beauty, which means life without G-d. Another reason to become a Jew - we can listen to whatever we want and still go to Temple. And then we're guaranteed Heaven as the Chosen Peeps!

Goyim be weird, that fo sho.

Saul Menowitz

stephy said...

I got rid of all that stuff you mentioned but kept The Church, and also The Cult. (Goyim joke.)I've not regretted parting with any Dave Matthews, though.

George said...

Since I first began reading this blog, I have have been anxiously waiting for the day that this post would be made, and it is nothing short of everything I have expected.

I had plenty of classmates who bought into this crap in high school. Many of them actually tried to convince me that I was "going to hell" for listening to Sunny Day Real Estate but Further Seems Forever was ok because they didn't have "secular lyrics".

Needless to say, I discovered Black Metal because of them.

Aaron said...

I can proudly say I have never done this. Even whist entrenched in the most demonstrative of evangelical cultures, I never once got rid of one piece of music. I dealt with stares, some "can I talk to you for a sec" moments with youth group leaders, and retaliation from friends who were bitter because they just lost their entire CD collection, but I never gave an inch! Not once.

Also, the aforementioned "Hell's Bells" movie is supposed to be incredible. I'm slightly ashamed for not seeing it yet.

Also also, what the hell is "CCM?"

Steve said...

CCM = Contemporary Christian Music, or Christian pop/rock, been around since the early 70s. I used to buy that back then, while still buying the "secular" stuff, which I still buy, because I find it more honest and substantial. There are artists who are not CCM but who still present a sound, thoughtful message. We've talked about Bono before from U2, and I also really, really, like Bruce Cockburn, who, in the seventies, moved away from more overt religious lyrics lest he be considered CCM. Also artists like Chris Hillman, who successfully mixes secular and religious in his work.

Cabernet Leather said...

"B52s, Dave Mathews Band, English Beat, No Doubt, U2, 10,000 Maniacs, Culture Club, Springsteen, John Melencamp (sp?), Social Distortion, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Dropkick Murphys?!?!"

I take your point Anonymous, but I'd gladly burn to a crisp the albums of all those people you mention (apart from Springsteen). Also, Dave Matthews Band seems very popular with Christians... I don't know any secular people that listen to it.

If you were being sarcastic - my apologies and carry on!

Meagan said...


I was totally forced to do this by my parents/youth group leaders. I went with the dramatic "break the CD's in half" route instead of just the toss in the garbage. I wouldn't have been able to burn them even if I wanted to. Burning things was demonic and something witches did in séances. I guess I should have thought to sell them instead. I would secretly buy them back one by one from the used record store. It wasn't too difficult to hide my re-purchases since my parents couldn't tell the difference between secular music and the Christian rock music they sold at Family Christian Bookstores.

Tony D. said...

"It wasn't too difficult to hide my re-purchases since my parents couldn't tell the difference between secular music and the Christian rock music they sold at Family Christian Bookstores."

Bingo! Couldn't have said it better myself. What would they have said if you'd played some Gregorian chant?

Meagan said...

Haha, oh that wouldn't fly in my house. Gregorian chant would be considered Catholic music a.k.a "Non-Christian". As my mother would say, "Christians don't pray to Mary!"

Anonymous said...

When I was in youth group in high school, we had a meeting once where everyone brought in tapes (yes, tapes) of their favorite bands so that we could listen to them. Our very well-meaning-but-hopelessly-out-of-it leaders then suggested Christian bands that were similar (or so they thought) that we might want to listen to instead. I don't recall them actually saying we should burn or throw away our secular music, but the message was definitely that it was bad for us, and there was plenty of Christian music out there that was just as good.

I think at the time I was pretty into Flock of Seagulls (I know) and they suggested I listen to the Newsboys. I think I did listen to them a bit and didn't even hate them, but they weren't really the same. It's not like you can just find a Christian version of a musical style and have it be a good substitute for the secular band. If I really love "Photograph" by Flock of Seagulls, well then that's the song I want to listen to. Even the best Christian new wave band won't be the same.

Also, my cousin Aaron brought in AC/DC and when we had to listen to "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" it sure prompted some awkward discussions.

Ah, youth group!


Tony D. said...

"As my mother would say, "Christians don't pray to Mary!" "

Ahem...did she like "The Passion of the Christ?"

Kara said...

My sisters fell for this one years ago but I somehow escaped. Recently, one of them expressed deep regret for her former spiritual fervor, and asked if she could borrow all my Indigo Girls cds. (It did put her into some cognitive dissonance, though, when I told her I had met Emily Sailers at a preaching conference...)

no one said...

I've been there, I've done that. Not doing it again.

Mark (under construction) said...

I'm thinking about burning my Hillsong CDs anyone want to come round the campfire? When you play those Cds backwards all I hear is .. well, nothing really.

Shannon said...

You hit it spot on Stephy. I too sold all my secular tapes and cd's when I felt "convicted" to do so. I think I started buying back, at least the good stuff, about a year or so afterwords. I couldn't listen to my Mad at the World and Whiteheart albums any longer.

shutup501 said...

I used to feel guilty for having secular music, but not anymore.

i have tried some of the "christian" music, but the beats just sometimes feel cheap. ( they just don't pound as much as some secular music does)

Ehud said...

>"i have tried some of the 'christian' music, but the beats just sometimes feel cheap."

Might I humbly submit that if it's the beat that you are looking for, then you are missing the point of Christian music in the first place?

Granted, CCM typically misses the point of "Christian" music too.

shutup501 said...

no Ehud i am making another point that Christian music most of time all parts included feels cheesy or forced

Cherí said...

Me, I wasn't even allowed to have any "secular" music...so I had nothing to burn. Now that I'm in college I've been discovering so much excellent music, and I'm sad that I missed it all before.

And I have to agree with steve that "secular" music as a rule is more honest and substantial. It talks about life as it is, as we all experience it, instead of life as christian culture tells us it's "supposed" to be.

I hate "supposed" to be.

I'm done being who I'm "supposed" to be.

Thank God.

betsy said...

I was just having conversation about this over dinner the other night. My companions each told their story of getting rid of their music - some for a short time, some for many years.

Just about every day, shares some tale that makes me say "Thank you, God, that I grew up mainline." That was one of them.

Anonymous said...

I think the real deal for me after tossing my sabbath, rush, styx, eagles, etc. is that I didn't miss any of it. Because my relationship with God was about His gift of life - a gift of salvation, paid for me to have a chance to get to know Him, I figured I'd forsake the wide road in favor of the narrow path. The result was that I didn't give up anything of real value when I took out the trash - the music from my old life was not compatable with my new life. So maybe it's about the sincerety of choosing to sell out or buy in?

mister tumnus said...

haha. i reckon apple must be christians as my itunes made a great job of deleting itself! :) think as a younger person i got rid of a really good album by 'the cult' :(

i also went to see a guy speaking about the evils of backwards masking and came away having discovered led zeppelin- excellent! :D

Simone said...

"Certain secular lyrics could describe it so well, but you fight to keep them out of your mind."

Loved that!

Now...was the Dave Matthews things a joke? You didn't REALLY own that did you? If so, this dramatically alters our relationship. *shudder*

Tammy said...

I remember getting rid of my extensive collection of Janet Jackson and Sade CD's. Not because anyone told me to, however, but because I didn't want anything to distract me from my devotion to Christ.

Music is a hot topic here in our home because of my secret obsession with Earth, Wind & Fire, The Gap Band, Marvin Gaye, and Stevie Wonder; and my husbands secret rendez-vous with Al Green and classic Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson! He and I both agree that our attraction to that music is because it reminds us of the carefree lifestyle of our childhood, good memories, times with family & friends.

On the other hand, we both stay far away from most of the music of the early 90's because it takes us back in our minds to our lives B.C. (Before Christ). Those memories and past associations we prefer not to dwell on as we seek to glorify God through our present circumstances and future hopes.

Still Breathing said...

Tonight I'm singing in a concert of classical music - should I only sing the 2 Bach chorales as the rest is secular music? We are ending with Mack The Knife - is it permissable for a Christian to sing something so violent? (DSon't mention that I have taken it to my guitar lesson as the chords looked interesting.)

EmilieisEmilie said...

I had a cousin who proudly announced that she was giving up her secular music in a self-righteous superior tone. Three years later she was a stripper.

Eugene said...

Its like a continuous wave, we keep on collecting theses stuff then in a moment we dispose of it because it's evil.

We feel relief in both times.
I think we need both ;)

pauloeagleton said...

First of all, congratulations - this is a great blog.

I spent most of my teens in a Christian boarding school in West Africa (my parents were missionaries). Every year they had what they called "Spiritual Emphasis Week" where a revival speaker would come from the US and preach every night for a week. Attendance was mandatory, and by the end of the week most of the students were so filled with the Spirit that they organized bonfires and everyone burned their secular music. Two weeks later, when normality set in again, people would beg the not-so-moved-by-the-Spirit for their secular music so they could make copies of their favorite secular music again...

It's a pleasure to read your posts.

Jeff Boldt said...

My wife is very anti-secular bands/music to the point that she said she will not listen to Switchfoot bacause they don't label themselves as "christian". I say what about the bands that are not christian but call themselves christian to get in the industry. What about christian artist singing songs that have nothing to do with God or secular bands that sing about God in a good way. I think it is no coincidence that the anti secuar music craze started when christian rock music was in it's infancy. "but test everything; hold fast to what is good." 1Th 5:21

Anonymous said...

I think there is a difference in being coerced to burn your music by someone, and simply abandoning music that you don't like anymore.

In some cases the person pursuading you was an idiot and thought by burning secular music you were doing something to make your self righteous.
Some cases the agent of pursuasion truly wanted you to see Jesus and not be distracted by things that did not point you to Jesus.
In either case, we all agree that the highschool cd burning reaction was dumb. burning some plastic does not change who we are.

I bet that a lot of this nonsense can usually be traced back to someone having a true conversion of soul, and along the way, realized that music that doesn't glorify Jesus no longer made them feel happy. They probably felt joy and relief at getting rid of their distractions and wanted other people to feel the same joy of pursuing Jesus wholeheartedly.

How cruel to take away someones joy. If they find something better, they will know what to take and what to leave.

Anonymous said...

As an avid music fan (all kinds) and a person who is head over heels in love with Jesus Christ, may I say this blog has been a joy and entertaining to read. You know, when you are walking with God, His Spirit gives you discernment in so many areas - a little at a time. I have not felt the need to get rid of any of my music {Van Morrison, DMB, U2, KC & the Sunshine Band, Coldplay, REM, John Mayer, Radiohead, The Smiths, Bob Marley, Motown (but I digress)} I did however, feel compelled to put down a really good book recently, midway through, because it was violent and immoral and I kept thinking about it when I wasn't reading it. (I didn't burn it though). The Spirit leads and we should follow. If He ever leads me to get rid of the music, I would do it. Right now, I find myself thanking Him for the rhythm, the beats and the chords (if not always the lyrics) and I feel like it is a gift from Him.

Nathan said...

So thankful I avoided this one... I have a theory that all great art glorifies God, regardless of the "holiness" of the person making it. If God really did create an amazing, complex universe with a creative species called humans, all of their creativity matters, not just what is produced by those with the "right beliefs" (however little time they may have actually invested in reaching said beliefs).

bdennisr said...

Didn't these people also turn against the Dixie Chicks?

stephy said...

Yes. Yes they did. That could be another post.

torcik said...

i'm glad that I was raised as a Catholic. My parents didn't care what kind of music I boughtexcept when I played it too loud. But they would not let drink or smoke dope in the house. I had to go outside. my mom thought that weed stunk up the house. There is something to be said for worshiping the Whore of Babylon.

Wherever the Catholic sun doth shine,
There’s always laughter and good red wine.
At least I’ve always found it so.
Benedicamus Domino!

Hilaire Belloc

Unknown said...

As someone who's travelled down the road that many who commented on this article have, I have two things to express here:

1) 98% of what is called "Christian music" is crap and not reflective of God's nature

2) Deciding to give up your secular record collection is more of an act of principle; it in itself is not evil, but are you willing to give it up for God? Does the music, whether "Christian" or secular, take precedence over God in your life?

Something for all of us to marinate on.

brooke Bure said...

Wow. I can't stop reading these. This is priceless. I wish I would have written it.

And I wish I had all my ACDC and Metallica back.

Anonymous said...

As a Catholic, I must say this one breaks my heart wide open for these poor souls.

Anonymous said...

I was raised Catholic and found around the age of 15 years old that most of the music on the radio seemed empty and meaningless. I'm pretty easy going when it comes to syle and genra of music (except County, I don't like). However, the lyrics were dragging me down. I wanted something more that was going to keep me focused on the meaning of life since we are here on earth for a very short time.

Hollan said...

This always makes me want to blast CC out with devil music and read banned books out loud to them.

Kneeling before the King said...

Wow, most of these comments leave me heartbroken!

People it is time you listened to Paul Washer's sermon on American Christianity...

The more my eyes are focused in Jesus the less and less I like any music that does not glorify Him. I started listening to only Worship Music 2 years ago and my life has never been the same. I get to praise & worship the King if Kings everyday in my car.

I am excited about Him and want to live my life to glorify Him in everything I do. I don't have much time here on earth, I want to focus on living for my eternal life. Getting ready to face my Maker and give an account for what I did in my time and what I did with the Seed He entrusted to me.

There are so many lots people out there, I pray that I am able to constantly filled with the fruit of the Holy Spirit, so that I can be an effective witness for my King.

Listening to worship music and singing praises to my King fills my spirit with love and joy.

I exhort people who read this to be careful with what they allow into their spirits & to be careful with what they invest their time into...we will be called to account for whether we truly know our Lord & what we did with our seed.

Time is short, live with an eternal perspective. Get right with the Lord.

In Him and only through Him, I am saved & am on my knees before a holy and magnificent God.

Anonymous said...

@Kneeling - Maybe you should sell your car and all of your music and give the money to the poor. That would really be worship. As for listening to music? Getting rid of your earthly goods is a much better witness. But its easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle... I do not even know if listening to Christian music would even count as being a witness, unless its a witness to bad half-hearted music. Real worship involves sacrifice, and if you are here tooting your own horn about the music you listen to and calling it 'worship', you've got a long ways to go sister. I exhort you to sell your car, house, and give your retirement to the poor!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: you completely miss her point. Go kneeling, what a word!!

Anonymous said...

". I exhort you to sell your car, house, and give your retirement to the poor!"

I exhort you to stop using the art of false dichotomy to justify the sin and worldliness of the many false converts on this board.



Anonymous said...

When I was born again I got rid of my secular music. I'm sad to say as I strayed from Jesus it crept back in. Now, for Jesus 100% it actually offends me and grieves the Holy Spirit.

I will never go back to Devil's music.

If the idea of getting rid of your secular music seems ridiculous to you, you can be certain you were never truly reconciled to God, never born again of His Holy Spirit.


Anonymous said...

WOW. You people are the most judgmental,in-denial and pathetic lot I've ever seen. Not just the overwhelmingly weak and misled who've commented here, but a great percentage of Christians in general. And while I do find your banter knee-slappingly entertaining, your ill-educated, zealous rhetoric is a bit concerning as well. Who would burn Beatles records when they're message is "all you need is love"? I shudder to think what other beautiful mysteries exist in this amazing galaxy, which your made-up Zombie figurehead forbids you to appreciate, observe or even question. Religion and Christians in particular, are responsible for more bloodshed, rape, scandal and profiteering than every military force in history combined. Please remember that next time you demonize Lady Gaga or Rock n Roll. Music and sexuality are merely scapegoats to distract you from the perpetual indoctrination of new blood, incapable of thinking for itself, but cognizant enough to write a check. Ironically, many of the artists and musicians your loving God has forbade you to appreciate, are merely trying to open your eyes to the reality that there in no one path to understanding ourselves or others in this mysterious and beautiful world. And anyone who tells you they know the answer to eternal happiness, peace, understanding, salvation etc, is not a holy man, but a fraud. Making you all lambs...only different lambs from those in your handbook of fables.

Anonymous said...

I had a cousin who proudly announced that she was giving up her secular music in a self-righteous superior tone. Three years later she was a stripper.

^exactly the point I was making above, Emilie. At some point, your cousin became wise to the hypocritical, false-preaching misinformed and rebelled against it. Not that there's anything wrong with being a stripper, but what might your cousin have become with compassion, support and understanding in place of fear and ridicule and potential damnation?
...on a side note, remember how those anxious to instill fear or ridicule were always the ones who were most afraid? Too much fear passed down in your fictional tales. Not enough love.

The Prufroquette said...

@Mr. Hudson,

If knowing your God means I have to assure people who have different opinions that they're going to hell, then I'm glad I don't know your God. There is no love in your statement, which tells me you do not believe in a loving God but in a power-hungry despot who smites people who listen to good music just because said music doesn't obsequiously grovel and pander to his egotism using a string of identical chords coupled with lyrics that make Hallmark cards sound profound.

Glad you enjoy your music, though! Count me out, however. And if refusing to listen to crap art means I'm hellbound, I figure there's going to be some fabulous music in hell, so I win.

Anonymous said...

"Religion and Christians in particular, are responsible for more bloodshed, rape, scandal and profiteering than every military force in history combined."

That is factually incorrect, even if you are talking about so called "christans", the numbers dont add up. Count up the athiest, communist stalins, etc and try again.

The second reason that is incorrect is because true Christians dont murder people anymore then true vegetarians eat meat. Google the good person test sometime and take it.

Nobody is telling non christians to give up their secular music btw. That wouldnt help anybody one bit. That would be like telling a career criminal to give a bad habit. You need to turn to Christ who loved sinners enough to die for us, and His love will cause you to forsake your sinful and worldly ways.

-Jim (fleebabylon.wordpress.com)

Anonymous said...

"And if refusing to listen to crap art means I'm hellbound"


you are hellbound because God is good and you are evil... not because of a cd you own. Consider everytime you have lied, stolen, harbored hatred and greed in your heart, thoughy and acted in a perverse manner, been ungrateful, unloving, unforgiving.

In your lifetime you have sinned with knowledge (conscience) that it is wrong, have condemned in others actions that you yourself have committed, and are without excuse before a good God that punishes wicked men and woman (as we all were at one time). God will punish sin, in His love He sent His sinless son to suffer for sins for wicked people who would humble themselves and belive in Him. He turns the wisdom of the world upside down, gives no room for self rightousness. He is just in punishing sin, and the justifier of the wicked through the cross. You can KNOW Christ, not as a story, but in reality. Jesus said the last days Church would be completely hypocritical, dont let that keep you from Him. Once you know Christ and your heart is changed by faith, when you are a brand new creation, you will hate any ungodly records you have, just as you now hate godliness.

-Jim (fleebabylon.wordpress.com)

Unknown said...

Definitely been there. This had me cracking up the whole time...your words brought back vivid memories of snapping CD's in half only to buy them again in a year.

Along with your great points on Christian Culture being 7 years or so behind on the "Cool Factor," another is one that I was pleased to see you lightly touch on here. Christian music = "Happy Music."

If you're not happy, you're doing it wrong. If you're able to relate to and feel non-Christian music, you can't possibly be a Christian. We are taught over and over till we believe it ourselves that the Christian only ever experiences the good emotions.

I stopped listening to Christian radio years ago because 1.) (Nearly) all the music is absolute tasteless garbage, and 2.) Music isn't music if it doesn't have soul. And you'd think Christian music would have that. Oops.

stephy said...

Amaranthos, are you on the SCCL facebook page? There are a ton of hilarious and fun people on there, I think you'd like it. http://facebook.com/stuffchristianculturelikes

Unknown said...

I am now; thanks for the suggestion. I'll tackle it after I finish reading your blog. Currently on #76. Must...finish...today...

Joshua Farley said...

I have a Anti-Secular Music page that i strongly encourage everybody to check out and "Like" its very informational and encouraging! ---> http://www.facebook.com/antisecularmusic

I've been against Secular Music for a year and a half now, what a wonderful feeling it is!

Scott said...

I did the burn and buy several times, so stupid! Being a semi pro musician, I just love music if it's good. Who cares who made it? I guess I believe all truth and beauty comes from God so who cares about how it's labeled. Just rock out with your c$&k out!!

Unknown said...

Being an aspiring musician myself, I find secular music more inspirational, musically. I also feel like secular bands show more passion in their music than a lot of Christian artists.

Cotton said...

Haha, you should all listen to some Bob Marley music, turn a loose, and chill out :)

kristen said...

Hi, I noticed it's been a while since the last comment, but if my two cents; I think the biggest danger in music, CCM or secular, is idolatry actually.

Sure, there's the epidemic case of Bieber-believer fever, but how about people who seek answer and consoling through music? God is all we need, and all our provision comes from Him, including emotional needs.

How often do we hear someone remark about their favorite musician, "Their lyric literally speaks to my soul!"

How many hours on average does the modern person listen to music? People are plugged in on their headsets wherever they go these days. Given the hours and fervent way (some) people sing and got these songs memorised, I'd mistake it for intimacy.

What do you think God, who wants us to love Him above alone, makes of that?

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