Saturday, October 30, 2010

#199 Countering the gay agenda

Christian culture feels the recent anti-bullying legislation is a subversive means to infiltrate the vulnerable younger generation with the homosexual agenda. The It Gets Better Project addresses the epidemic of suicides in gay adolescents who have been bullied, so you might think the staunchly pro-life Christian culture would champion this effort, but the gay issue seems to supercede suicide prevention.

Christian culture is deeply afraid of some sort of indoctrination by homosexuals. At this website they say "Gay activists realize that if they can capture the hearts and minds of the next generation, they will, for all practical purposes, have won the culture war." There's that culture war again. The fact that Christian culture is so invested in the idea of a culture war is interesting because the Jesus they claim to follow didn't promote a culture, but rather a consuming love that casts out all fear. The fact that Christian culture is so frightened makes you wonder what their motivation is.

Jesus said the world will know his followers by their love. Ask some gay Americans if they've felt cared for and sought out by someone who claims to be a Christian and chances are they will say no. Interestingly, in many of the videos on It Gets Better bullying victims say that Christians and the church have induced much of their shame and fear. If Jesus spoke of love more than anything else and never addressed homosexuality once, which of the two might he be concerned with? Christian culture tends to couch "confronting" gay people with the truth about their sin as being loving. People in Christian culture don't seem to see themselves as being as sinful as they think gay people are. But claiming to follow God while refusing to humble yourself dooms all of us to repeat history as the Pharisees wrote it.


buzzalot said...

“It’s as if the school is trying to ‘correct’ a value that our family holds. What business is it of theirs to try and change my family values?"

aaaand what business is it of yours to try and change my family values? Why are you pushing your Intolerance Christian agenda on my family?

The anti-bullies goes both for students and parents bullying the school system. No one should be bullied. Ever. Ironic that they are bullying those who are trying to reduce intolerance of the general school population. Refusing to acknowledge homosexuality does not = making it not normal.

Anonymous said...

The hostility between the two cultures, while understandable, is very sad. More Christians should have been treating homosexuals like Christ treated the woman at the well, and not like judges. The current atmosphere is a big result from a century of self-righteousness, and the revulsion that will produce in any human being.

An~Jyl😇 said...

Good makes it very clear that being homosexual is wrong and against God, your creator who made you in His image. I'm sick of celebrities who are anti gay Apologizing for it, which means they are just as guilty, I'm tired of homosexuals whining and pushing their lifestyle on everyone else. If you after gay,i don't care cause i will have my rewards in Heaven, but remember tolerance works both ways, just like a gay person works both ways. I well tolerate you becausei don't have to deal with youfe, but I'll be damned if i will bow down because you are not tolerant of my heterosexual marriage.being gay is not about feelings, lets deal in facts. Do gay people deny everything they do wrong, or just deny being gay is wrong because of how they feel? But if you are anti gay, please don't apologize because that makes you a hypocrite

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