Sunday, July 19, 2009

#90 Being pro-life while simultaneously supporting the war

One of the tenets of Christianity is that life is sacred. Because of this Christians oppose abortion. They could talk about it till the cows come home.

By and large, people in Christian culture also support the war in Iraq. The considerable loss of innocent life during war doesn't seem to strike them as any sort of inconsistency.

Christian culture isn't big on entertaining the notion that their political views could be anything other than what God has decreed. Abortion and war aren’t very savory subjects in the first place. They become more palatable when we form black-and-white views on them (from either political side) and cling to them unflinchingly. This often happens at the expense of relationships with whom we disagree. But Jesus taught that relationships and love are a priority, and that politics aren't of much consequence.

It's a lot easier to place issues in a box (whether they’re liberal or conservative) and deal with them remotely, without engaging the people who hold them.


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I read your article which is regarding Christian culture isn't big on entertaining the notion that their political views could be

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