Wednesday, March 17, 2010

#138 The history of St. Patrick's Day

Oh, to be an emergent Christian on St. Patrick's Day. You get to tweet and blog about the missional relevance of St. Patrick, and missional relevance is your favorite subject.

It goes with the territory of the Christian hipster epidemic and its affinity for "acting and thinking Catholic," as discussed here. Pontificating on St. Patrick is extra fun for those in seminary or seminary's inferior cousin, Bible college. They reckon that with their higher education they can inspire others to soldier forth as St. Patrick did, all while making sure you know about their affinity for beer. They are certain to slip it in there. It's important to them that you know they're not legalistic or anything about alcohol.

Visit a relevant Christian's blog today or check his Facebook status and tweets. He's sure to have written something about St. Patrick, probably something about him being a "rebellious teenager" before being sold into slavery and from there had a spiritual epiphany and ministered to the heathen Celtics before his untimely death. They'll be sure to include his breastplate prayer about God being before him, behind him, above him, in him and through him, all of which beg the question my five-year-old asked, "If God is everywhere, is he in my underwear?" That's the next question I'd like missional theology to broach.


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