Saturday, September 11, 2010

#188 Hipster Christianity

Christian culture is sure there's a way to be cool and be a Christian at the same time, they just don't know what that way is exactly.

Christians feel tension between being in the world and not of it, and they feel it hard. Christian culture exists to bridge the gap, but they're always aware they're not quite getting it right.

Unfortunately, if you need to announce that you're cool then you cease being cool. Like being classy or humble, proclaiming yourself as such means automatic disqualification. But Christian culture forges past this social code and labels its music, publications and thinking as hip, relevant, progressive, countercultural, innovative and cutting edge, but it can't avoid its signature move, which is being five to seven years behind what is actually cool in the mainstream. Bless their little hearts, they try so hard.

This post originally appeared at Beliefnet. The original converesation and comment thread is here.


Sterling Pilgrim said...
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stephy said...
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WordVixen said...

Urgh, yes. I was pretty heavily into goth culture back in the day (I still think of myself that way in the privacy of my own mind, but no longer go out of my way). I still remember a church-y psycho lady telling me that she thought it was wonderful that I dressed that way "to reach all those unsaved people in that lifestyle". Yeah, yeah, that's exactly what I was doing. %-/ (And yes, I'm working my way through the whole blog) :-)

Justin Code said...

Christian hipsters annoy the living snot out of me. Every kid at my Bible College was a hipster. The guys wore skinnier jeans than the girls, and had more deeper cleavage than them, as well. haha. And cardigans…..don't get me started about the cardigans. I love your blog, Stephy. Thanks

dave said...

Sweet mother of God you're funny!

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