Wednesday, December 17, 2008

#58 Ugly Christmas Sweater parties


Very popular with singles groups and college ministries. People who aren't Christians love Cheesy Christmas Sweater Parties too. Maybe it's one of the areas where the two cultures intersect. Although at a Christian culture party there won't be any alcohol, that's for dang sure.



Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to one of these parties on Saturday. Can I borrow one of your Christmas sweaters?

Thanks a lot.

Caveat B said...

There's usually wine served at Christian culture parties in Manhattan.

stephy said...

Good point. There's usually wine at Christian culture parties in Seattle too, but a lot of people won't touch it. In Texas though no wine was ever ever ever at a Christian party.

Anonymous said...

One of the best things about these types of parties, is that quite often the host of the party thinks he or she has come up with the idea!

Mark (under construction) said...

What a great idea!!!!
I'm going to do this - sweater party thing ... we were going to play Twister Christmas Eve ... and you bet there will be alcohol!!! - I reckon being a Christian is neat there are so many fun things to do!!!!
BTW - stolen you picture!!!
The Grinch.

Bruno said...

Ah! you haven't been to an Episcopalian Christmas party.
Alcohol almost always, "where ever two are more are gathered in his name, there is sure to be a fifth" over used yes, and mostly wine and beer now, for for Christmas tradition always resurfaces, and having to look at those sweaters, a fifth would be needed.

stephy said...

Aha! Yeah, I think Episcopalians are their own subculture of Christian culture. There are lots of subcultures, I suppose. On this blog I speak mainly about the evangelical subculture, the only one I'm familiar with. In that one we (or is it they?) say they're okay with alcohol but don't like to keep it in the house, toast with sparkling cider at occasions, and silently judge others who have champagne. If you imbibe in front of one of these, steel yourself for a "loving" confrontation later.

Here in Seattle (and I'm sure many other places) there's maybe a wine-snob subculture in which Christians have wine at gatherings but give you a look of disdain if you bring 2-Buck Chuck from Trader Joe's.

Anonymous said...

my oh my you've been busy. during my growing up years when i was fully living the christian culture that you lambaste i never got to go to one of these parties. it was just a couple of years ago when susan had one that i got to feel the love. it never occurred to me that this was especially popular among christians. i thought it was something that me and my cool friends and bill cosby were in on.

Anonymous said...

hi stephy,
happy new year~ oh, and i do like all of the cheesy sweaters. i don't own one but i still think they're cute.

steph, i'd like to talk with you a bit off the blog, is there a way i can contact you at a private e-mail?

lukeisham said...

This must be an American thing. At Christmas we just have a BBQ, Xian BBQ's though would have less drinking.

elainajean13 said...

I am a christian and I went to a tacky Christmas sweater part last year and there was plenty of alchohol.

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