Friday, December 12, 2008

#56 Grunge Fonts


by guest contributor Becca Jubie

Christian items marketed to teens usually use an "extreme," "edgy" or "grunge" font. Like teenagers will not respond to your basic Helvetica.


Teens are extreme, what can I say?



Bruno said...

The smell of marketing in the morning!

Anonymous said...

thanks, Stephanie! I love your choice of photos! That Napoleon Dynamite one is awesome.

Rock on, fired-up Christian teens!


Cabernet Leather said...

Grunge - like many aspects of Christian culture - so 1994.

shelly said...

I'd rather see a grunge font advertising a youth ministry event than Comic Sans (which really is the devil's font, IMO).

This New Year's Eve, my "house of worship" is having a band play to ring in 2009, and the entire night is geared toward the youth. On the door is a small poster. Not a grunge font in sight...but plenty of a fontaholic's worst nightmare (Comic Sans).

Anonymous said...

Steph... Love the blog... Just to let you know since it has been a while sinceyou lived in the Bible buckle... Our youth use a combo of things like at our church, "THE EDGE" on Wed nite and "ELEVATE" on Sunday ... And they use a ripped off slogan like, "A BREAD CRUMB & FISH" in the Abercromni font....


Snap to it! Sanp in time! said...

Nice contribution, Becca! I'm glad a designer's eye has taken a shine to this phenomenon.

zack said...

I have to say that the last font is pretty contemporary (07-08). Hand made fonts are hottt right now and with the advent of the film Juno's advertising and motion graphics -and the film's subsequent success- the handmade font is going deeply commercial which makes this church actually right on target.

It seems to me that most things marketed to teens use the hipster typographic methods of the day... the language works. So maybe 'marketing' is the really the gross side of this one.

stephy said...

That last font is pretty contemporary, and extreme! What can I say, teens are extreme.

robert j. blugenbazen said...

this video is somewhat on topic (frosted tips on a mohawk sported by edgy youth guy) so check it out

selected highlights:

:37 and while you're down there grab a couple socks

1:13 commence sock spinning

2:57 put your hands in the ai-yair, wave em like you just don't ca-yair

3:50 grab your partner do-si-do, don't be shy just let it go

5:41 love train

8:10 raging synth solo

David Rudel said...

I think this comes form some subconscious rapport among all young Christians to find a way to be rebellious that is impervious to even arch-conservative attack.

"Sure, I don't drink, smoke, or watch PG-13-rated movies, and I think war is a happier word than crap, but check out my fonts!!"

Anonymous said...

I'm predicting that the Juno movie graphics style will be adopted and embraced by Christian Culture big time. it's already so recycled and safe... harmlessly edgy.

Amy said...

Professional Graphic Designer here.
This is not a phenomenon related to Christian Culture.
EVERYTHING marketed to teens has a grunge font. (Or faux handwritten a la Napoleon Dynamite.)
They DONT respond to Helvetica, and neither does anyone else.

Is there a problem with using current marketing trends that appeal to the market segment that you're trying to appeal to?

I ask because the Christian Culture I grew up in would most surely say, "YES! It's WRONG! Marketing is evil! Be not Of the World!" and would seriously disapprove of any so-called church that would do such a sinful thing.

...So if targeted marketing seems like a crazy, out-there idea, maybe you aren't nearly as far removed from Christian Culture as you like to think!

anicia said...

Wow...that you tube video above made my day. I'm at work and had to cover my mouth from laughing too loud...what does any of that have to do with God? Oh, nothing.

Anonymous said...

if it looks cool, teens know you care about them...or that you're at least trying.

i am said...

grunge is SO OLD. don't churches EVER observe about whats cool around them?

Anonymous said...

I'm a pastor at Elevation Church in Utah... I still dig this blog though

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