Tuesday, March 17, 2009

#69 Saying "Let's close in prayer"


At the end of any sort of talk given where Christians are known to be present, the speaker will say "Let's close in prayer." They cannot help themselves.


David said...

My List of the Ten Most Innapropriate Times to Say "Let's Close in Prayer":

--While someone at the table is choking on a chicken bone.
--Before paying cab fare
--When your date leans in to give you a kiss.
--After burning an effigy of the other team's mascot.
--In Hell
--While appearing as a guest on the Bill Maher Show.
--When your sexual partner says "Okay,now it's my turn."
--While sticking up a bank.
--In Heaven
--During another prayer.

Mumsy said...

An 11th commandment: After you rear-end a guy on the freeway and then try to lead him to Jesus.
No kidding, my friend's crazy brother tried to do exactly that.

Steve said...

What I love is when the pastor makes it a question rather than an exhortation: "Will you pray with me?" instead of "Let us pray."

jeremy said...
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jeremy said...

LOL that's going to be my new line for socially inappropriate and/or (dare I say) awkward situations.

Kadi said...

As a Sunday School teacher, I am so guilty of saying this on a regular basis.

WV: tonymin: a miniature version of Tony Soprano

the nibbling marmot said...

Love the top ten.

Susan deWaalMalefyt said...

hehehhehehe their feet are bare :)