Wednesday, November 25, 2009

#105 Wondering what atheists do on Thanksgiving

Atheists don't get much clemency from Christian culture. They are generally thought to be misguided and inclined to despair.

While Christians are busy thanking God on Thanksgiving they have been known to wonder aloud how atheists could possibly celebrate this holiday with no one to thank. It may not occur to them that on Thanksgiving Day many atheists are thankful to their friends and families, thankful to people who don't dismiss them, and that many are volunteering in soup kitchens and serving the needy just like Jesus said to do.

This post originally appeared on Beliefnet. The original post and its comment thread can be found here.


starla said...

I thought that picture was referring to Christmas.

Anonymous said...

This year, I'll be thanking my husband for the wonderful meal he is planning to make for me since I am working all day. :D

Ian Brett Cooper said...

Let's not forget that Christians are most likely not actually thanking anyone either. The fact that they believe they're thanking someone doesn't mean he/she/it exists

As for me, I'm thankful for lots of things. I just don't believe I have "someone" to thank for them. The universe does its stuff, and thankfully I'm here to enjoy it.

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