Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Introductory Beliefnet post


I started this blog (stuffchristianculturelikes.com) in August 2008. I know this isn't a new concept and I'm not a pioneer in angst about evangelicalism - lots of people have done this before and have done it better than me. But I've been helped a lot by the community surrounding this blog and people coming alongside and saying they have the same questions and problems.

What else should say, hmm. I have little kids. I work full-time. I live in fear of earthquakes. I've never stayed awake all the way through Star Wars. Maybe my husband should tell you about me, it might be more objective. He wrote 25 things about me like those 25 things lists on Facebook. The Star Wars thing is actually #1:

1. She has never seen Star Wars.
2. Whenever Stephanie gets into a car, she starts craving Diet Coke.
3. Has painted and repainted every piece of furniture in our home multiple times.
4. She could lie in bed all day reading, watching tv, and blogging, and never fall asleep.
5. Conversely, she falls asleep during most movies.
6. She reads and recycles 20-30 magazines a month.
7. Her feet look like they've never been walked on.
8. She does, however, have one weird toe from running.
9. Was faulted for causing 9 car accidents during college. Zero since.
10. She played rugby in college, and bit people in the scrum when she had opportunity.
11. Bakes cakes on a whim.
12. Is obsessed with books on cleaning and organization.
13. Likes to dream up new names for kittens.
14. Likes to draw cartoon bunnies and coo at them.
15. Dresses as a southern baptist every Halloween.
16. Will say she is not hungry, and then eat off of your plate.
17. Is always on the hunt for an unmanned piano to play.
18. Hates Uggs and Crocs. Loves cowboy boots.
19. Eats chips and salsa every day.
20. Ran a marathon.
21. Makes a mean chicken fried steak dinner.
22. Has most television commercials from the 1980's memorized.
23. Is a classically trained pianist.
24. Still listens to Amy Grant.
25. Loves reality shows involving haunted houses and ghosthunters

That's more than you wanted to know, so thanks for reading.



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