Monday, November 30, 2009

#106 Overshare via prayer request

Overshare via prayer request is the nauseating cousin of gossip via prayer request. Some people do not hold back. Since they're in their community of brethren they feel free to get detailed.

"Shannon couldn't make it to small group tonight, she's got diarrhea on top of that chronic yeast infection so keep her in your prayers."

"Aaron had a semen analysis and his sperm count looks fine so we're going to get my lazy ovary scoped before we start the adoption process, could y'all just be praying for that?"

"Susan Walter's uterus unraveled and fell out while she was jogging. Pray that God would give her mercy and speedy recovery from her hysterectomy."
If prayer request overshare does not engage your gag reflex it will at the very least create unfortunate visuals you'll associate with that person for years to come.


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