Monday, April 5, 2010

#143 Spiritual gifts

Spiritual gifts were outlined in some of Paul's letters and today are the Christian culture equivalent of astrological signs. Both spiritual gifts and astrological signs have handy charts devised from ancient lore which people use to find their gifting/predisposition/reason for being lovely/reason for being a choad.

Some of the gifts Paul talked about are prophecy, ministry, teaching, exhortion, giving, leading, compassion, wisdom, knowledge, speaking in tongues, interpreting said tongues, and healing. Hey, that's twelve! Just like there are twelve astrological signs. Nah, there are probably more spiritual gifts to be wrung out than that. When it comes to Christian culture, there is always more Stuff you can Do.

Once someone has discerned their spiritual gifting they are usually quite excited to put it to good use. In this writer's case, her alleged gifting has prompted her to proffer "inspired" advice, casually ask intrusive questions, and tell her college roommate with immense smugness that she ought to take down that Metallica poster.

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