Thursday, July 8, 2010

#169 Relevant pastor-speak

A current phenomenon in Christian culture is for church leaders to speak with a certain cadence and inflection. In the same way newscasters have their own industry-wide manner of speaking, so does Christian culture.

The church leader endeavors to speak with earnest approachability that is simultaneously sincere and authoritative. He doesn't want your mind to wander. He is going to engage you. The gospel of Christ has captured people's attention for like 2,000 years but he isn't taking any chances. You're going to pay attention to what he is saying, or at least to the fact that he's saying it with the same cadence, tone and inflections as every other church leader and conference speaker.

You will observe this brand of pastor-speak in all occasions when the church leader or the aspiring church leader speaks in front of a group or into his webcam. He does not use it in normal chit-chat unless you get to talking about premarital sex or some other subject upon which he wishes to educate you. Please enjoy these two examples of ubiquitous Christian culture speak. It's a relevant sensation that's sweeping the nation.

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