Saturday, July 31, 2010

#175 The term "faith-walk"

Christian culture is the only demographic to employ the term faith-walk. Christians of the non-evangelical stripe can infer what faith-walk means when they hear it, but the word is not in their vernacular. Only evangelicals use this one.

When Christian culture says faith-walk they are referring to a period of time that began when someone placed their faith in Jesus. All time henceforth is their walk...their faith-walk, rather, if you will, even.

When someone's faith-walk is "tested" or their faith falters, Christian culture takes a dim view. Christian culture doesn't feel that times of trial and disbelief can be a good or necessary part of someone's overall faith-walk. They feel instead that in such struggles God is made sad. And if someone claims to abandon their faith altogether, Christian culture considers this to be a great tragedy. They don't tend to look at the whole picture or remember that the story isn't yet over. Rocky spots in a faith-walk are considered to be an unfortunate hiatus, like a mysterious gap in a résumé or the missing 18 ½ minutes in the Watergate tapes. Even though the Scriptures say that God would have us be hot or cold instead of lukewarm, Christian culture insists that lukewarm is better than cold.


Anonymous said...

yeah, but the evil one owns the fence.

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