Monday, August 2, 2010

#176 Not Anne Rice

Hoo boy, they're pissed! Last week Anne Rice said she's done with being a Christian and Christian culture is indignant. But in her statement it seems to be an issue of semantics. She's actually claiming Christ and rejecting Christian culture, but Christian culture has chosen to get their dander up. They don't seem interested in her personal experience behind the statement and have decided to take issue. The natural progression here is that they feel they must internet-rebuke her (the technological rebuke: the rebuke of the future!) and love-her-but-not-her-sin and all those things Christian culture gets off on. So here it is again, the marrow of Christian culture: Doing things and avoiding relationship. Hmm, I wonder why she would want to renounce all this. Anne, can I come with you? I'll bring salted caramels.


Katsicle said...

I like Anne Rice
I think she seems nice.
But challengingly
She supports homosexuality
so I am trying to knock
my head out of my box
to think like God did
any thoughts to fill me in?

Anonymous said...

I actually had a long conversation with Anne Rice about this.

She did more than reject the Christian Culture. She also rejects all doctrines pertaining to Christ and Christianity. She also said the only man-made institution where God is actually present is AA.

These are her exact words:

'I left for all of these reasons, but I also had deep theological
reasons: a deep suspicion of Atonement theory, theories of depravity, of predestination, of an elect, of a remnant saved while the majority go to Hell for all eternity, etc. I could stomach none of it. My faith in God is a personal; prayer in the morning, at night and all day, before meals,
these are ways I talk to God, and ask for his guidance. I'll tell you the only group I know of that brings me closer to God: AA. That's it. AA.'

And later...

'I don't hold with those things. I do not think a Supreme Being would make a vast and complex and
beautiful universe simply to "save" a tiny remnant of sentient creatures for eternal bliss, while damning the vast majority of sentient creatures to Hell for all eternity. I cannot believe such a philosophy. That's partly why I left Christianity. I don't want anything to do with it. I wish you every blessing. My faith in God is strong; but it has nothing to do with Christianity.'

She has a lot of hurt because of the Christian Culture. She has a gay son, and after the way they treated her over it she turned her back on it all.

Ed Taylor said...

This makes me so sad.