Friday, February 5, 2010

#125 The iPad

Christians who identify as emergent and/or relevant really, really, really want an iPad of their very own. They seem to feel it will help them network with their Christian bros at a greater capacity and witness to the lost more effectively.

As they vie to be emergent, they very much want any and all emerging technology. Christians in other parts of the world and Christians outside of American Christian culture aren't nearly as rabid about owning new toys, and some see them as just that, fun but superfluous, but American Christian culture is rather preoccupied with the ways technology can help them along their Christian walk. Like how Jesus said.


cara zuri said...

can i just say

Russell said...

I think it's more of an American thing than a Christian thing. All of my American atheist, Jewish and Muslim friends have iPads too.

Lennyb said...

Hilair! one of my FB friends just updated her status rhapsodizing about her new ipad2.