Tuesday, August 12, 2008

#2 Sending Emails That Are Supposedly Written By Their Baby

Christian culture sends many emails and Christmas cards that are written as if they are from a baby. This is considered funny and/or cute. Here is an example of an average message that a Christian culture baby would write:
Emma wants to tell you...that she's going to be turning 2! She (and mommy and daddy) are praying for a healthy birthday and thanking the Lord for this brand new year in the life He created!

Emma (and mommy and daddy)

Now I'll be buggered if 23-month-old Emma can

1. type
2. pray
3. anticipate a birthday

But Christian culture seems to find it so absurd that it is funny. This is a hallmark of membership.


Liz said...
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Anonymous said...

this one's popular with all kinds of mommy/daddy identity people on the internet. Christians have no where near cornered the market on this piece of stupidity. The only thing that's worse is stuff that is supposedly authored by a pet.

Mel T said...

Sobé wants to tell you...that he's the new Dalai Lama! He (and millions of Tibetans) are praying someone will rescue him from this schizoid evangelical culture! Kill mommy and daddy if necessary, to install Sobé on his rightful throne.

There is an actual, literal throne with lots of sparklies, right?

Sobé (and Madonna and Tim Robbins)

Grimalkin said...

By far the creepiest example of this is from someone I know on Facebook who writes statuses from her dead baby. That's right, her dead baby.

Her daughter died about a year ago at 5months old (from a congenital defect, she never left the hospital). Statuses run along the lines of "Mommy, I love you so much, but I wanted to play peekaboo with Jesus. I hope you don't miss me too much!"

I don't know whether to dry-heave or put this woman on suicide watch...

stephy said...

Congratulations on leaving the best comment I've ever gotten! I'm putting this on the Facebook page right now!