Monday, August 25, 2008

#36 White European Jesus


All scientific evidence suggests that Jesus was actually quite swarthy, but the vast majority of images portray him as a cracker.

If we're going to physically represent Jesus, why not go for a little accuracy. Here is the classic Jesus's Senior Picture, except it features an ethnic Christ. It's a start.



Simone said...

Did anyone ever see the episode of Good Times where J.J. painted a picture of black Jesus? At first Florida (the mom) said that was wrong, but then J.J. quoted the Bible with some verse describing him and something about his hair being like wool. After that, all these good things started happening and they spent most of the episode praising black Jesus.

the nibbling marmot said...

That episode of Good Times was great, and really sad, in a way, because even this financially strapped black family had spent their lives believing in a generous, kind, and very white Jesus.
There is nothing about white Jesus that would make me want to be a Christian. I get though that he fits the demographic that many conservative christians feel comfortable with, so why branch out, right?
Stephy, this blog is so scarily accurate.

Simone said...

Nibbling Marmot, I felt the same way about them loving white Jesus, even when I was a kid.

My comment was missing something though: Black Jesus was DY-NO-MITE!

Magnus said...

I was just thinking of that episode!

Anonymous said...

See, I don't know about this one. Last time I checked there aren't too many blacks in Egypt or the middle east.
Plus you can be as pale as a fish's belly and still have "hair like lamb's wool." They don't call it a jew fro for nothing.

Anonymous said...

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Great site! I love the 36 (so far) Christian Culture Likes! Many are hilarious!

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Anyways, neat to "meet" another friend in the Blogosphere.

Keep up the great blogging. And, again, feel free to "visit" my site.

~Amy :)

Simone said...

Anonymous, perhaps you confused "Good Times" with "Good News". The Black Jesus (as opposed to ethnic Jesus) interpretation is from a sitcom, though I believe the characters of Florida and J.J. do appear in the book of Numbers.

Anonymous said...

Jesus is not black or white he is fictional so he can be what ever color you paint him.

Simone said...

Even as a fictional character, of that region, he should be ethnic. The Incredible Hulk is also fictional, but you can't suddenly tell me he was red.

Magnus said...

Actually, I think he is the colour red in the comics now.

Anonymous said...

To: anonymous
From: Dr. Robert Schwartz
Re: jew fro

Actually, "jew fro" is a reference to the historical and contemporary ties between black and jewish communities in america.

see for yourself

Billy said...

My old church had some pictures of White Euro Christ in the childrens rooms. I had a big problem with that. I felt it was a stumbling block.

Anonymous said...

2000 years ago people in mediterranean areas were quite pale due to indoeuropeans movement from middle-east to europe, before that europe was populated by turanic people (modern-day finns and laplander and hungarians etc.). So Jesus COULD have been on the lighter side (not white though)than modern-day israeli. Ancient Greeks and italians had blonde and red hair common.

Unknown said...

ha-ha this site is funny.. Jesus was more middle eastern the anything i think.. this site is more of a reflection of white christians, but i recognize to a lot of this cause my parents forced me to go to Hackensack Christian High School in Hackensack NJ.. (nyc girl) were they told me that MLK was a communist and i got expelled for staging a can take a militant girl outta NYC but... whatever.. in have the mutual feelings of repulsion and familiarity reading this blog.. any who try being a black liberal saved christian make for interesting conversations (internally) speaking...