Friday, August 29, 2008

#40 Frosted Tips


Frosted tips refer to a men's hairstyle in which the hair is formed into short spikes and then bleached such that the tips of each spike will be pale blond. Frosted tips were popular in mainstream culture from 1994 until 1997. Christian culture, gay men in rural communities, and NASCAR fans are the only demographics that continue to endorse this look. The only other event in which frosted tips are seen is on the show "Lockup Raw" on MSNBC. Occasionally on this show you will see inmates with frosted tips. (How they get bleach into prison is a mystery.)


In Christian culture frosted tips are most commonly seen on males under 35 and on pastors of any age who want to be relevant. Youth pastors, worship pastors, singles pastors, creative pastors and their cousin the creative director most commonly have frosted tips. You will also see frosted tips on lead or senior pastors of large warehouse churches who wish to appeal to young people.


Sometimes you will see the frosted tips and a goatee worn in tandem. You can be sure that this individual owns a guitar and at least one vintage bowling shirt.



conrad said...

another genius post that i'm sure is secretly about me. i've never managed to keep up with any acceptable fashion time frame: i frosted my tips in 98, carried a mullet in the early 90's, and tight-rolled my jeans waaaay too late in the game. how is it possible to stay curren--i mean relev--i mean cool?

Simone said...

My acting teacher is 47 and still does this. He's not gay, but very effeminate, so it might fit into that catergory of acceptability. He has no sense of "cool", but really thinks he does, hence all the effort in vain. I'm always fascinated by frosted tips and mullets and wonder who are the stylists that don't advise against this.

Anonymous said...

There's a Nashville component to this I think? Nashville and Christian culture intersect in some ways. There's "Nashville hair" which is the longer version in your photo montage - almost always flat ironed and involving highlights and or tips. I think.

Amy said...

Wow! You certainly do catch EVERYTHING that's so odd in "Christian Culture." Man, you're good.

You are so that you pointed this out. I'm looking at some pictures of many Pop-Christian musicians and 99% of them have frosted tips. Ha!

~Amy :)

stephy said...

Yeah, isn't Nashville hair like Keith Urban's or Billy Ray Cyrus's hair (present day Billy Ray, not his '90s uber-long mullet).
Conrad, I don't mean to secretly be writing about you. :) I tightrolled for too long too and I had a big sprayed wall o' bangs for way too long.

dav said...

I think that Goo Goo Dolls lead singer always epitomized Nashville hair. Highlighted and ironed into swoopy submission.

Shaw said...

So I spent the weekend in the Northwest and found frequent frosted tips among men, but also a seemingly high amount of blonde streaks among women as well. At one point, I glanced around a coffee shop and each and every female in the place had at least one, if not several streaks of blonde. Is this a secret code?

Billy said...

Holy Crap, you really have it out for Steven Furtick. Anything to do with appearance, he seems to be your poster pastor. Really, why is that? As soon as I read the title I thought "she's going to have a picture of my pastor in there." Sure enough. I believe you are getting predictable.

as you can tell I'm reading all your blogs from first to last.

i am said...

EW........ frosted tips. i didn't know there is a name for that hideous hair style.

rubah said...

Huh. I've been wondering why my friend had frosted tip. He drives a stock car. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Sorry but gay men dumped this look years ago.

Anonymous said...

LOLOL Mike Vanderjagt.