Thursday, August 28, 2008

#39 Side Hugs


When greeting someone of the opposite sex, Christians often employ the side hug. This is an unwritten rule of greeting so that you don't mash your naughty bits together and trigger stumbling.*


*The Christian phenomenon of not causing others to "stumble" usually refers to lusting and will be discussed further in a future post.


Jojoellen said...

hahahhaha. to funny. actually sometimes i side hug cause i dont want someones nasty parts to close to me. lol. Dont forget the little pats on the back too with side hug. :O)

Anonymous said...

lol, i belong to a facebook group called "side hugs suck, give me a real hug you pansy"

Simone said...

I don't think Christian culture smiles upon side or any other style of hug with Richard Simmons. I haven't hugged with him (too sweaty after class), but I have had many kisses on the cheek. Eeeek!

Joshua Duncan said...

I think the 'dark side' of the side-hug is the potential communication to girls that they should be embarrassed by or ashamed of their bodies. That was a huge phenomenon I can remember from my church camp years.

What about the side-hug's cousin, the 'lean-in hug?'

angela aka joyful saint said...

LMBO! what have i gotten myself into by reading this blog?

side hugs:{This is an unwritten rule of greeting so that you don't mash your naughty bits together and trigger stumbling.*} too funny.

Anonymous said...

I hug from behind. Is that weird?

Katie said...

This post (and blog) is hilarious!! And what makes it so funny is there's so much truth to it!!

I hate the side-hug! It absolutely drives me crazy... if you're gonna hug me, hug me like you mean it!

Megs said...

hi Stephy! your wit is hilarious! thankfully i've managed to live much of life without being 'side-hugged', however the exception is an old friend whose home I once arrived at in a sexy mini skirt. He ran out to my car, looked down at the ground and asked me if I would be so kind as to cover my legs, as there were lots of men in the house, and i would cause them to lust... omigod, what does one SAY???!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

stephy said...

I know, that guy had the idea way before I did. He's the true original.

E.Louise said...

I don't think we side-hug so much in the UK and when I came to the US/Canada I got into some awkward embraces with people I thought were gearing up for a hug. One time I got kissed on the neck.
Now I shoot out my hand for a handshake or dive in for a hug they can't avoid and will always remember.
Ps I know a church where the men-leader-types won't shake women's hands for fear of, well, I don't know what. This makes Devious Me want to give them a giant bear hug and watch them explode.

Amanda Bindel said...

OMG YES! I was in the BSU (Baptist Student Union) in college, and we were instructed, yes verbally and visually--girl to girl, on how to give side hugs and not have our boobs make contact. Love your blog!

unsure what to think said...

what are you advocating then? are we not to avoid all appearance of evil? I see your points, but this seems to be mocking purity. anyone can make fun of things, and I see that you're pointing out the shallowness and hypocrisy in many Christians, but what is the better way?

Hollan said...

Its funny that theres a picture of Threes Company side-hugging. Christians hated Three's Company. My brother and I used to sneak and watch it.

Anonymous said...

MASH your naughty bits together!



rachel said...


Unknown said...

this is halarious. love it. I'm also from the evangelical christian background *baptist* and it's so true. I created a group on facebook called "Side Hugs suck give me a real hug you panzy!" Ya'll should join it :)

Jenna said...

All about that Christian Side Hug...

Unknown said...

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