Wednesday, August 20, 2008

#28 Success


Success. In all areas of life. As a pastor, it's all about church size, relevance, and impact. If your church is big, you must be doing something right and you become an expert/celebrity and you speak at conferences and write books and tell people to do it your way.


Everybody else feels like a schmuck because they're not as big/relevant/impactful/cutting edge as you are. It's a tyranny, I tell you.


PhreeThinker said...

amen sista. so i'll ramble a little. the "success" message is sickening for sure. with all the obsession over church numbers, people and their needs fall thru the cracks. The first christians were jews that met in homes, eventually giving their life for their faith in Jesus Christ. the book of Acts paints a different picture of christian fellowship vs what we have going on today. the USA brand of christianity is more like churchianity. it would be difficult to airlift a church (like a joel osteen's or benny hinn) to africa where there is major devisation from aids and whatnot...the gluttenous success and riches, peace and prosperity messages would not work for that crowd. There are little kids trying to be a mommy or daddy to their siblings because their parents are dead from aids. orphans parenting orphans, living with what they have on their back. The peace and prosperity message seems so perverted...i think scripture screams at us that God wants us to be rich on the inside (it's the battle for our mind, right?) and not to be obsessed with the outside. what God has in store for us up above makes 100 million USD look like chicken shit. There has been so much lost from the watered down, dog and pony shows coming out of many churches today....people are sheeple- so quick to follow a trendy, hip, funny and somewhat spiritual dude instead of seeking truth from the source and waiting on God for direction and guidance. not from a 30'ish yr old man with a goatee or soul patch. don't get me wrong- God clearly tells us not to forsake the gathering of believers..there is some really good/gravy fellowship to be had with others who love Jesus. I enjoy the fellowship with you and Dave. i love the way we celebrate Christ with each other and enjoy watching God work in our lives. Steph i'm really intrigued by your christian blog. keep 'em coming! they are interesting, funny, and hit home for me girl.

Anonymous said...

A tyranny indeed.

It's especially sad when it's used as bait to get people to part with their money.

As in, "Plant a financial seed with my ministry today and God will bring you a mighty harvest!"

Mark (under construction) said...

I've stolen this!!!