Tuesday, August 12, 2008

#8 Scrapbooking


Christian women love to scrapbook! They often spend their free time away from their children doing it. It's kind of like being with your kids when you're not actually with your kids.


Mikey said...

You'd be surprised to know there are many Christian women who have ignored the weekly rantings of their 99-year-old pastor on how the use of technology "will send you straight to a fiery damnation," joined the rest of us in the 21st century, and are now designing web pages of their precious memorabilia.

janet said...

Interesting you should blog on this.

I've long suspected that scrapbooking is the province of those who wish to create something better than the reality of the life they're living so we all get fooled into thinking it's great. Women use it to kid themselves that their fantasy life is the way they're really living. Hell it sure beats having to live miserably and work on improving your life and relationships, right?

Mel T said...

They say Einstein's wife scrapbooked the theory of relativity 15 years before Mr. Smarty Genius Pants discovered it, but pasted doilies and dried dandelions over it when he refused to have sex with her "just for some pickaninny recipe."